Our Story

Dr. Stephanie Olson, DC

One of the easiest and most effective ways to invest in your family is through excellent nutrition.

Throughout my career as a physician, I’ve helped countless children and adults identify food sensitivities, develop meal plans, and improve their overall health. The majority of products on the market focus on adult nutrition. Many parents have had to prepare their children a half serving from their own protein products, which concerned them since it wasn’t meant for kids. I knew that wasn’t offering children exactly what they needed, so our family began testing every product on the market. We found there wasn’t a lot out there that offered a good, clean hypoallergenic product that also tasted great to kids.

Dr Stephanie Olson

Our family has a history of food sensitivities

I wanted our products to be hypoallergenic, well-rounded with vitamins and minerals, and taste great for kids of all ages!

We felt much healthier when we eliminated foods that contained gluten, dairy, soy, and artificial sweeteners. I realized if I wanted my kids to have a healthy option when they needed a snack or when they were being picky, I’d have to roll up my sleeves and make my own shake. I began researching and perfecting formulations over the next year.

We made our shake smooth enough to mix with a shaker or blend into a smoothie. Our products are free of gluten, dairy, soy, grains, preservatives, and artificial sweeteners. Now when you are on-the-go, you can have healthy snack options, that give your kids what they need and what they’ll enjoy!

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