Let’s grow healthier with Bare Necessities!

Let’s grow healthier with Bare Necessities!

During my years in practice I’ve spent a lot of time talking with Mom’s about how hard it is to keep their little ones on the healthy track when they crave for nothing except for candies, party snacks, and gummy bears. Parents are often challenged with getting kids the proper nutrition, especially with an on-the-go lifestyle. When kids have food sensitivities, it’s even harder!

Now you can feed your kids with these healthy gluten, grain, dairy, and soy free bare necessity shakes.

We introduce health conscious mommies to our:

  • Vanilla Bear kids shake
  • Cocoa Loco kids shake.


What’s inside?

Bare Necessities shake doesn’t come with any artificial sweeteners, preservative, or colors. We believe in blending pea protein and collagen which help kids to digest it easily. We keep whey protein and grains at bay since we don’t consider them healthy enough for your little one’s health.

Every single sip of Bare Necessities shake fills up your kid’s tummy with:

  • Sufficient amount of vitamin, fibers, mineral, and digestive enzymes
  • Methylated B9 and B12 to support the mental and physical growth of your child.
  • Organic protein (10 g)
  • Only 5g of sugar from coconut palm sugar! (No high fructose corn syrup!)

Why consider us?

Most moms with little children say they have the hardest time getting their kids enough protein. Which is why you should consider us for the tastiest yet the healthiest choice for your toddler’s tummy.

We powder and blend for feeding the growing generation with the tastiest shakes. Every sip of Bare Necessities shakes adds to the health of your little one. Our shakes can be the best meal replacement if you stir them into smoothies. Try adding fruits, vegetables, almond butter, dairy free milk, and ice to delight your picky eaters taste buds.

More reasons to pick us? 100% grain-free.

Making us your choice is completely up to you, but the 100% grain-free assurance may lend some pressure on your nerves. Bare Necessities shakes are completely grain-free because we realize they shouldn’t be a staple in your child’s diet.

Our products are grain-free because:

  • Grains are high in carbs
  • Grains are high pesticides
  • Grains can be hard to digest


Another reason for picking us? NO GMOs!

Picking Bare Necessities shakes means a complete goodbye to GMO. Our shakes are 3rd party tested for GMO’s and we assure them of being free of any kind of genetically-modified organism. Our formulation process involves in-depth testing, tracing, segregation, and quality assurance. Rest assured you’re getting the best shakes.

Bare Necessities shakes can be your best companion to bring your kid’s snack craving habit to a healthier track. You may try some recipes for healthy smoothies on our website too.


Dr. Steph

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